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This scene tho...

The "just-as-planned" scene from the Death Note drama is gold.
I didn't watch the whole drama (missed it on TV after the first episode because I went abroad), but today I found some of the scenes at ニコニコ動画 site.

This scene, especially, made me laugh. Damn the expression is so close to the manga.
The comments added by users made this video more amusing, imo.
Which is why I'm going to post the screenshots here with the comments. (funnier if you understand Japanese, because I won't be translating what all the captions/comments say)

Light: *hugs death note intimately*


Ah, someone commented "I want to be this sharp pen". Me too, friend.


Light: *writes*
*Higuchi dies*


I think L meant to say 心臓麻痺 (shinzou mahi = heart attack) but what came out sounded like 心臓ムヒ (shinzou muhi = name of a product? I know ムヒ is a product but it's definitely not for heart??) HAHAHAHA


L: *turns to look at Light*


This is so suspicious..........
The red texts are added by the uploader, of course. L doesn't actually say anything in that scene.

L: So suspicious... that face


L: Why is his position like that




The infamous 計画通り ("JUST AS PLANNED") scene.


Sorry, I just had to compare this. The manga and the anime is still the best. But I also like this one. The movie one is the only one I don't like. Maybe because I don't like the actor also.


Still dat face
Too suspicious........


L: (Just as I thought, it's that guy...) --> added by the uploader



Light: *smug face*


HAHAHAHAHAH that face and position gave away everything! Damn Light you idiot


I concluded that I like this drama's actor. He's perfect as this character. Closer than the guy who played the movies.
Still don't like the drama in general, tho, because I still can't accept the major changes they made to the characters....

カテゴリー:Death Note 「デスノート」



Apparently there's a name for it....


Rare buy

I went to Shinjuku today to buy a manga I've been interested in.
It's been years since the last time I read manga, you know. I also hardly buy one. I wouldn't buy one unless I really like it. There's a 20% discount campaign at Book Off so I went there and bought the whole volumes. HAHA
I just happened to find out a few days ago when I went to Book Off that there's going to be a sale starting from today, so I actually went to Book Off today just for that. This sale was not mentioned online...

I bought volume 1-7 at Book Off and volume 8-9 at other bookstores.


The series is still ongoing.


Oh well, some people may already know, but I'm not gonna tell you what the story is about. As you can guess from the title.........it's not something you would like your child to read. Hell, a child shouldn't read this kind of manga. But it's funny and the story is pretty interesting (or at least I think so.....many people may not agree because my taste is pretty weird anyway.....but it's not like I agree with the concept). Also, the drawing is so pretty.......it's what drew me to this manga in the first place.
I actually know this manga since it the first two volumes appeared in bookstores. That's like two years ago?? I wanted to buy it but didn't buy it because I didn't want to spend money on a newly released manga which reviews I haven't read....

It's really been a while since the last time I'm interested in reading a manga. Haven't read one for years.....

The evening sky today was unusual. It's so beautiful but didn't last long! The second pic was taken like 5 minutes after the first one.



Bye summer!

It has gotten considerably cold lately. My hands are cold most of the time when I go out. I even started using my heater when it got really cold.
I'm loving this weather. I love autumn. I can't wait for winter. lol.

I'm enjoying my free time....yes, I have a lot of free time as I'm out of school already (but still haven't started working).
I would sometimes spend my day at home, listen to music and take late afternoon nap....and then wake up at around 6 pm.
Unlike summer, it's already dark out there.


Still two digits, but with "1" as the first digit.


One of my neighbors already put on halloween decoration since the beginning of October.


By the way, I finally watched 君の名は (Your Name) yesterday!
It's a really good and touching movie. I don't usually watch anime in cinemas but this one is definitely worth watching!
I really really love the pictures. I wish I can draw like that.


Yesterday was Ladies' day so I could buy the ticket for only 1000 yen. Cheap!



Watching this movie makes me realize how blessed I am to be able to live in Tokyo.
Tokyo looks fresher after watching this movie. I guess a lot of people would say the same too.
Felt like I've been taking the place I live for granted.
I live in a very convenient place. I could walk to Shinjuku from my apartment and go around Tokyo without having to pay a lot of money for the transportation because I basically live in the heart of Tokyo.
I'm gonna move out next year....but I will still live within one hour from Tokyo and Haneda airport. Err, even closer to the airport than before.
This movie makes me realize at least that I like city life more than life in rural area. Rural areas are beautiful......but it would bore me to death.

This movie has been on the cinema since August actually. I'm a late watcher.
I actually went to Hida area during my last trip, and N told me that 君の名は takes place in Hida area.
I didn't care much, but I found this poster in Takayama station:


Oh wow, so it's true. I couldn't do 聖地巡礼 of course because I planned to go to other places, but I took photo of the same train that appears in the movie.


I passed Hida Furukawa (no. 28) actually...? but I didn't get off of course.
Found out that one of the scenes is at Hida Furukawa station later after I watched the movie. Oh well, it wasn't so important to me. HAHA




I had nothing to do today. It's Saturday, October 8, 2016.....and the weather is starting to feel like autumn.
Yesterday I went out at night and had to wear my jacket as it was too cold. Not very cold yet, but still cold. But it was pleasant though. I like this weather. I don't need to turn on my air conditioner anymore.
The only downside is that I have a runny nose. Wait...this happened also last year around this time of the year. I have dust allergy, perhaps it's worst at this time of the year...well, I don't know.

Most of my church friends joined the retreat today. I didn't go...and this is simply because I don't want to go. I'm available, but I don't want to go. When I said to my friends that I didn't sign up for the retreat, they looked at me as if I had grown another head.

Sometimes I just feel like I want to be alone and avoid the crowd.

Not forever, though.

I'm an introvert and so used to being alone......but I can't stand being alone forever.
Up until now, I never mind being alone. I never felt really alone, since I had school and internet friends when I'm in junior high, and a boyfriend who worked near my city later when I'm in uni. But I'm not active on the internet and I don't have school anymore. Since the start of this year, I'm already used to spend days inside my apartment, just browsing the internet and looking at silly memes......but of course this cannot continue for a long time.
I need to get a life. Real life. Like a normal and healthy person I should be.

I need a boyfriend or fuck friend or whatever friend I can use to kill my boredom.
I'm just kidding. I don't want a fuck friend. I think my parents would kill me if I ever befriend someone just to engage in such activity. Such immoral. Westernized. You'll going to rot in hell. And shits.
They'd be happier if I become a nun than become someone's fuck friend. (I have no intention on becoming a nun tho, my soul is stained)

Perhaps the fact that sex is such a tabooed topic in Indonesian society, or a topic that I will always avoid to talk with my parents if possible (my parents were never my best friends anyway) since I learn their views on that........makes me never think of it as a 'need' or a fun thing to do to kill your boredom.

I like to make dirty jokes with people (because I'm such a bad girl inside whose mind is already too westernized) but damn I'm still all serious about it when it comes to my real life.

That is why I don't think I can ever form a deep emotional connection or fall in love with anyone who puts sex first in front of my face before everything else.

But how do you fall in love? It's something I still haven't found the answer.
Perhaps I'll never will....or perhaps I will...., I don't know.

Shit, this post is becoming too serious.


I need to sleep.





I speak nonsense.