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One more final exam and essay.....

....and I'm done with this term.


By the way.
I said last year that I would take JLPT N1 in December.
And I did.
I was actually contemplating whether to take it or not...........and paid the exam fee on the deadline day....
Because the exam is so important(?) that I thought I should be like super super ready to take it.....but I felt like I wasn't ready to take the exam (seriously my life is like 90% English 10% Japanese even though I live in Japan cos I take the English program at uni) and I didn't want to waste money if I fail....
The exam cost freaking 5500 yen.......it's like 5 times the fee you pay if you take it outside Japan! -____-
But anyway I took it because shit no company will probably ask about your score and I probably won't have time to take this proficiency test in my 4th year.
So, with little preparation I took the test just to know how much I can get.
And also if I pass it I was thinking of surprising my parents....like yeah I don't get to use Japanese much but I can pass the test without going to 日本語学校 or something like that. So yes, you guys aren't wasting your money sending me here! lol
N1 is probably so easy to pass for those who go to 日本語学校 or major in Japanese. But that's not my situation here.

I actually didn't want to tell anyone cos I took this without expecting to pass the exam as I didn't do much preparation, and also I don't even tell my parents about this..... but shit everyone eventually knew I took the test cos my silly bf told them and that actually really really annoyed me.........

when people know what you're trying to do and support you, you feel the need to not disappoint them and I don't want to have that burden......cos I didn't want them to know in the first place since I wasn't prepared!!

I'm not the type of person who likes to be around people all the time and tell everything I do to them. There are just some things I want to do and enjoy alone without interference of others.
My situation here is that I'm surrounded with a bunch of smart people who go to 日本語学校 and get full scholarship or anything similar to that here so I feel some kind of pressure just from being around them......which is why sometimes I want to stay away from them when I really need to. Just for some time, please.
Let me forget that you guys exist around me.
Stop making me feel inferior.

Sorry I may sound weird...........I will probably never meet someone who completely understands me.
It happened. Whatever.

The result was out today and I passed it anyway.
Yesterday had been a nice day for me (I could do my exams, I got to see cute cats around my house, I finished my essay, etc.) so I will post the result here....even though the scores are not that much to brag.
Perhaps if I was still into anime and stuff I could get better scores LOL
but no seriously people who are REALLY REALLY into Japan tend to get higher scores than I-only-study-for-the-sake-of-2-free-credits-from-uni people like me!


The mock exam result was much better than this.....I had like 80% for the reading......
This time I totally failed the reading cos I couldn't concentrate (or maybe it's just because I'm stupid)
But anyway I guess I'm pretty balanced???
I mean, I'm not that smart at this....most people I know did better than me....but hey if I'm stupid at least my stupidity is balanced......my scores look similar......and hey passing this proficiency test shows that I can speak a little bit of Japanese...............
Also, when I was in high school my Japanese teacher told me N1 is so hard to pass and that a professor at some uni had tried it several times but wasn't able to pass it..... Also, people say that the test is even hard for Japanese themselves......
lol. Those are the kind of things that made me feel better.
There are lotsssss of chinese and koreans and other smartass who got almost/perfect scores for this test......but actually not so many people are lucky to even pass the test.......so I should be grateful.
I got A for vocabs and grammar, so at least I'm not so left behind those who already had the advantage of knowing kanji characters in Chinese or grammar in Korean.......

*menghibur diri sendiri* >__>

I'm glad that I'm done with Japanese proficiency test, anyway. And will probably never do them again unless I need the business one. *congratulating myself* lol
ANDDDD with this I can get 2 credits from my faculty. Yeah.
That was actually my main motivation for taking the test....


I hate noisy people so much

Here is a picture of a grumpy cat near my apartment.
Cats in my neighbourhood seem to have lots of drama...they keep fighting with each other lately......so funny.


And my neighbor is so freaking noisy. He keeps playing this game/song (is it even a song? it's more like a guitar game or something.....just a verse....) at night.
Even after 2 am, he's still playing it. He always plays it every night FOR HOURS NON-STOP.

He doesn't always play it. Not all year long.
BUT I always hear him playing it around my exam period. Only around that period. I wonder why?? Asshole.
I'm living in an old apartment so the wall isn't that thick too maybe.
And apparently he places his television or whatever thing that makes the noise on the other side of the wall where I put my bed and table.
You know, I always sleep with my feet facing the wall, not my head. It's so awkward. But if I don't do that, I won't be able to sleep with all that noise.
I have to endure it for one more year.......

But living in an apartment with a slightly noisy Japanese neighbor that can't be helped cos the wall is so thin is MUCH better than living in a dorm with a nicer built room BUT your neighbor is Chinese.....so I should be grateful. (I've been there so I know)

but damn how I hate being in a noisy environment while I'm trying to do my own stuff.
Talk about noisy living creatures.
I can't even stand being in a room with kids who like to shout here and there or with dogs (even one dog is enough to annoy me cos they're too loud)
............maybe because I generally don't talk much I suffer a lot from environment like that.

I can't concentrate these days........but I should.......exams are coming and I haven't done any of my essays @_____@


so fucking pretty *photo spam*

It's been such a long time since I fangirled over something. I blame my friends........(?)
I just watched the final Hobbit movie yesterday with my friends after doing the first two movies marathon last week!
And we're planning to do a Lord of the Ring marathon soon after we finish our exams ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ゛キャッキャ

I actually always watched the LOTR trilogy and Hobbit and when they came out on the cinema.
But that's why I don't really remember much about it...I only watched them once or twice.
I only remember liking Legolas a lot, out of the characters in the movie......and I hated the gollum...lol

I was looking forward to see lots of Legolas in the movie........
but damn his dad is so freaking pretty!!
And he's such a badass....so I like the Elvenking more than his super nice son LOL






Basically I like Thranduil cos he's tall, rich, cold and has pretty hair LOL



Okay....enough of the photo spam. I swear I will start doing my assignments tomorrow. >__>
The weather today is just so horrible I feel like spending hours doing nothing in front of my laptop.





It's 2015 already.
I hope this year will be a good year for me....

I stayed at home during new year's eve. There's nothing special during my holiday.
It was depressing actually.
My holiday went in a blink of an eye....and I'm back to school again faced with presentations, finals and reports.

I'm still in holiday mood.
I totally forgot I had a final exam today. I didn't study at all. Just found out about it 5 minutes before the class started....
I had presentation today and got home at around 8.
Decided to cook my own dinner cos I stupidly bought 5 kg of rice last week without thinking that I will be away for the whole spring holilday.
I'm stupid.
And I've been eating a lot lately. Like a lot....
I blame this potato chip.


It hasn't snowed.

Well, even if it has, it was just 霙...




Tomorrow is Wednesday.
I hate Wednesday.
I still have 3 more classes with that annoying old japanese woman.
Urgh...3 more meetings.....
Her course is just one credit but she annoys the hell out of me every week.
It's just one credit!!! But fuck because I didn't drop the course and I only take a FEW credits this time my GPA might drop only because of her.
She represents some teachers I've met throughout high school.
The difference is, I didn't care about my grades during high school because I basically hated my major and just wanted enough to get out of the school.

(I still hate my high school by the way. I never visit it anymore after I graduated 3 years ago lol)

I will never take classes with teachers whom I hate on the first sight.
Never again.....even if my friends take the class.... annoying teachers are usually annoying from the first sight(?)......

But yeah I know, I will always meet annoying people in my life....but let's just hope that I won't get annoying seniors when I start working in the future.......

The only thing I'm looking forward tomorrow is watching Hobbit with my friends...
We did the first two movies marathon last week, can't wait to watch the last part!





I speak nonsense.