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Rare Monday

I'm writing this blog entry from my apartment on a Monday night.
Which is kinda rare lately.

The company I planned to do internship at decided to cancel the internship because they haven't been doing well on the project for the past two years.
Most of the employees also quit.
The person who introduced me to this internship will also quit next week and plans to start his own business.
When he told me this, I was just like
wow. okay. good luck for you.
That's so sudden.
He should have told me before I sent my CV yesterday -__-
It was only a few days ago when he asked me to do the internship and told me to send the CV by Sunday!!

Well that's okay I will still have Mondays free at least until September, I can focus on final exams in July, I can enjoy my time.....
I will just look for internships in my 3rd year.

So that's a little update on my daily life.
I'm determined to work here after graduation btw.
Yeah, at least try working here for 1-2 years.
I don't want to go back so soon. And if possible I don't want to continue studying anymore lol

I had my lunch at the engineering campus' cafetaria. Been wanting to try that place at least once since it's so near to my apartment....
The prices were pretty cheap!
520 yen for this 油琳鶏 set.



I brought my kotatsu futon to the laundry (finally, HAHAH it's so big I was too lazy to carry it since they have no delivery service) and I also bought groceries.
I ate out a lot last week.
I gotta save money for this week cos I want to have a haircut.
My hair is so long, it's getting annoying......


This week's Saturday outing : Kichijoji

I went to Kichijoji with my circle yesterday. The rain ruined our original plan but we still had fun~
We tried the new ice candy shop, Paletas!



After eating lunch and walking around, we went to Hattifnatt. I've been to that cafe before hahaha, but in Koenji...
It's one of my favourite cafes!









Summer cocktail


Latte and cake...
We divided the cake into 6 hahahaa


Aren't these しろくま latte cute??!



It's Friday......

On Friday I always take time to eat at somewhere nicer than the univ's coop or cafetaria......
This time I'm eating at a cafe near my univ. It's called Cat's Cradle.
The cafe had bookshelves that looked nice but I didn't take photo of it hahhaha fail
The photos I took sucked anyway. Like these.





The food was nice.

It's Friday already but I feel burdened already with assignments etc for the next few days.
I feel bad for my parents cos I never chat with them. I'm always away on weekends and busy on weekdays.
And yes I'm sleeping at 1 am again. Just finished revising my essay, submitted it and shit.
I'm trying my best not to leave any homework for Saturday and Sunday.
Wait, I haven't done my stupid syntax assignment.
Nevermind. I'll do it on Monday maybe. Or even before class.........whatever I do I never get pass B+ anyway.
Btw I had a long dream, got overslept and missed my 1st period class this morning HAHAHAHAA
I joined the 2nd period (same class) awkwardly, like
おはようございます。すみません、寝坊しちゃった 笑


In the middle of a busy day

I had to go to the ward office today to take care of my health insurance....which means going to Kabukicho.... I can literally walk from my house if I want to but naah it was too hot.
I had time to go today cos my baito for today was cancelled.
Out of boredom, I took pictures of Shinjuku.



I think I never see ABC Mart without sale....



On the way home late at night from school I went to Lawson.
Last time they promised to contact me about the Rilakkuma bowl I was supposed to get but they didn't! They hadn't contacted me for almost 2 months!
So I had to go there again by myself tsk
And guess what, I got the bowl. I wasn't even informed that they already had the stock. -___-


That's all for today.
I'm pretty busy these days.
I might not be able to have a relaxing weekend this week. Sigh.
I'm tired. I try not to sleep after 12 but fail everytime.
I need 4 days of holiday per week.

I wish I can spend my days just rolling on the bed and travel whenever I want to.


You should envy me for these snacks HAHAHA

I get really lazy to write a blog entry on weekdays since this semester started....sigh
I developed a habit sleeping after 12 am.
Even though I don't have any exam tomorrow I still sleep at 1 am...
I will just post some photos from my iPhone.

Now that I look at it, my iPhone photos actually suck.
Recently the camera function got kinda defected.
I want a new phone........ahh.....might buy it in late September...

A bunch of pockys at the supermarket.

Kit kats.

I see Funasshi........

I still have Haagen Dazs photos but I'll save it for later hahaha.

As the end of 2nd year is drawing near....I've learned to feel numb and not to give a fuck about almost everything in this life.
I mean seriously.
I don't give a damn anymore about my friend who's super sensitive and keeps getting offended by whatever I say or do, I won't even try to socialize with people who obviously won't fit with me, I don't care if my scores are not perfect, I do whatever I like.

I just don't care.
I'm learning stuff I don't like but I don't care.
I won't complain anymore.

Oh btw. I will probably make myself even more busier with internship next month.
It hasn't been decided yet whether I will get the internship or not though.
It's likely that I will get it though? I don't know.





I speak nonsense.